Is it a problem?

Or a healthy pregnancy?

Functional blood ranges don’t work in pregnancy, postpartum, & lactation. 

But you need to know what’s happening with your pregnant patients. 

What do you do? 

Next live class begins May 9th, 2024!

What if there were research-backed lab ranges created specifically for pregnancy, postpartum, & lactation?

And a clinician with over a decade of experience to help you apply the results in your practice?

Introducing a collaboration between Sara Russell, Ph.D., FNTP & MaryAnn Marks, founder of LabSmarts blood work software:

What You Never Learned

About Blood Work

in Preconception, Pregnancy, & Postpartum

A 6-week masterclass for midwives, nutritionists, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, & other reproductive-focused clinicians and patients.

Wait…functional ranges don’t work during pregnancy? 

You’ve studied functional blood chemistry interpretation for years and used it with reproduction-focused clients. 

But maybe you noticed some markers were routinely off, like thyroid hormones, RBCs, and alkaline phosphatase. 

Were you seeing hypothyroidism and anemia…or a normal pregnancy?

Now you can know for sure with a masterclass that teaches you everything you need to know.

Imagine if you could...

Use overlooked but critical blood tests to prepare your patients for pregnancy.

Quickly and easily distinguish between the physiological changes of pregnancy versus potential pathology.

Instantly access the markers that need special attention - by trimester - and learn research-based ranges needed throughout pregnancy & postpartum .

Recognize problematic patterns that alert you to issues such as pre-eclampsia, gestational hypertension, & gestational diabetes.

Establish yourself as a reproductive expert and

never feel anxious about interpreting blood work again.

Get all this and more with our 6-week masterclass!

What Masterclass Students are Saying:

“This class was highly worthwhile! I already knew functional blood work but was often stumped when I saw markers that were dramatically different once my client was pregnant after evaluating her labs for months or years before pregnancy.

MaryAnn and Sara were incredibly thorough and provided in-depth studies to support their findings. Not only was the blood work information enlightening, I greatly appreciated the extra wisdom they shared about different diets and nutritional philosophies.

I am so impressed with these women. I highly recommend it!“

Amanda Love

Functional medicine nutrition practitioner, real food chef

We recognize the importance of getting it right during pregnancy.

We’ve worked with hundreds of fertility clients in our combined 19 years of nutrition experience.

Our collaborative masterclass teaches reproductive-focused clinicians and clients alike the correct way to view blood work in pregnancy and postpartum and how normal physiological changes should be reflected in pregnancy-specific ranges.

We're so excited to share the evidence-based information we’ve found that expertly fills an enormous knowledge gap in the field of reproductive healthcare.

Sara Russell, Ph.D., FNTP & MaryAnn Marks founder of LabSmarts bioindividual blood work analysis software

Know the difference...

between a real problem and a healthy pregnancy in seconds.

Be the expert...

in the room—no more guessing about your patients’ blood test results.

Accurately use the results..

your pregnant, postpartum, and lactating patients bring in…tests won’t become just another page in their file.


the most up-to-date research studies that back every result.

Make practical...

evidence-based recommendations to your reproduction clients.

Reduce anxiety...

in your pregnant patients…no more wondering why blood tests look off.

Refer out...

with confidence & watch your practice grow as your expertise catches the eye of other specialists.

Tell me more!

In our 6-week masterclass, you’ll learn never-before-seen insights about blood work interpretation during preconception, pregnancy, & postpartum.

Every aspect of the course is based on peer-reviewed research.

We’ve kept your clinical practice in mind—we provide practical steps to easily incorporate findings into recommendations for each unique patient.

What to expect

The live, 6-week masterclass series begins on

Thursday, May 9th and occurs each Thursday until June 13th.

Time: 9-11 AM PT / 12-2 PM ET

All classes will be recorded, and you’ll receive our slides and citations.

Week 1

Preconception markers & considerations

Week 2

Complete blood count + iron markers

Week 3

Comprehensive metabolic panel: Part 1

Week 4

Comprehensive metabolic panel: Part 2

Week 5

Postpartum markers & considerations

Week 6

Thyroid markers in pregnancy & postpartum

What Masterclass Students are Saying:

Danielle in Massachusetts

"They are extremely professional and timely in their support, providing feedback and promoting practitioners’ success with hands-on implementation of the material with clients.

They have compiled a thorough and expansive resource to support families’ health through the stages of fertility, pregnancy, and early parenthood."

Dr. Cindy Howard

"I've been looking for a blood chemistry analysis software for a long time, and when I met MaryAnn, I jumped at the opportunity to put her software into my practice and absolutely love it!

It's very easy to use and very easy for my patients to understand. It's been a great asset to my practice."

R.P. in Oregon

"She gave me fascinating insights from my lab results and put my mind at ease when my results were flagged as abnormal in the system.

Sara adjusted ranges for each trimester! She guided me through all the symptoms that can arise during pregnancy and used my lab work to find areas where we could work on improving my personal health.

It made me feel empowered and confident going into the postpartum period."

When you register for the Masterclass, you will receive...

🩸Live instruction from Sara Russell, Ph.D., FNTP and MaryAnn Marks, founder of LabSmarts bioindividual blood work analysis software. 

🩸Over six hours of evidence-based content on the most accurate ways to interpret blood tests in pregnancy plus generous Q&A sessions. 

🩸Easy-to-reference graphs and “cheat sheets” so you can quickly use what you’ve learned with patients. 

PLUS these added bonuses:

🩸“Choose the Perfect Prenatal” guidebook

🩸“When to Order Labs in Preconception & Pregnancy”

🩸“TSH Ranges in Healthy Pregnancy" chart

🩸2 FREE Months of LabSmarts ($118 value)

Your Investment

One-time fee of $599.00

We can't wait to see you in class!

Sara & MaryAnn

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